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Say "Hello" to Social Media owned by YOU!

Unlike every other social media platform that wants to become your long lost parent; we believe in protecting your right to free  speech, giving YOU total control over who you allow into your personal space!

Contact us via e-mail for business information, or partnership inquiries:

P.O. Box 91826 Tampa, FL 33602



America Owned by YOU!

This site was created out of extreme frustration towards the consistent abuse of civil liberties taking place on all other social media websites, mainly: facebook.

With more and more American Citizens being blocked from communicating with friends and loved ones over political and religious views, we felt the need to provide a platform where you could express yourself freely.

We've structured this site to be owned exclusively by you. No more monitoring of your posts, taking ownership of your own photo's, tracking your identity, or stepping on your civil rights.

You choose the subjects, discussions and members you want to interact with as we've assigned "categorized" posts specific to "peeps" with like-minds.



We're Here To Help:

Join our customer support group to ask questions, get tips, discover new features and updates, and more. We're just getting started, so we're always here with an open ear for any questions, or suggestions.


In the meantime; you can click "VIEW TUTORIAL" on any page you see the option to be guided through. This website came on a whim, out of frustration of having our civil liberties stepped on and trampled on in the very same country we "veterans" served to protect.


We hope you enjoy your experience on our network. As we are in the beginning BETA test phase of this site, look for more and more updated features as we grow further, but not too far! We all know "technology" isn't always good!

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