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Code of Conduct
Terms & Service Conditions

Follow all rules of the Code of Conduct and Swear by Oath to Support and Defend the to the United States of America Constitution and adhere to Biblical standards.

Code of ​Conduct

Using obscene language, obscene gestures, or racial, religious or ethnic slurs, Violence, threats of violence, fighting, verbally threatening any person, or hostility of any kind. Any form of solicitation, sales of products or services, or commercial advertising or promotional material of any kind or offering samples of items, which are sold, available for sale or available in exchange for a donation or contribution without prior written permission of Patriot Place Management. Engaging in any act, activity or behavior, which by its nature is illegal, and/or in violation of any statue, law, rule or ordinance.

Community Standards

While we happily protect your right to free speech, there are still a couple of things that can get you BANNED from our website. And when we say banned, you’re going to need a whole new computer to get back in ( SO PLEASE BEHAVE! We don’t want to see you go!)


Things that can get you banned:


1. Posting nudity, or pornography on community posts


While you are free to post whatever you wish on your personal site page. We highly recommend making your page private if you intend to post nude photos to protect the innocent and those (who just don't come here to see it). There currently are no capabilities to post pornographic videos on your site: however you are free to post your personal you tube video links to support your personal you tube business, or channel(s). Public Posts are categorized and are excluded the x-rated content to protect the youth and faith communities.


2. Threats on someone’s life


Whether you are bluffing, or not, we do NOT condone threats of harm towards other members of our site. While we do not monitor dialog, we take any and all reports by our members seriously and we DO possess the technology to pull up the history of messages being reported on.  We do NOT monitor